Saturday, November 22, 2014

Leverage is hosting a FREE kick-off event TOMORROW (11/23) from 6-8pm with a chance to combat social injustice! You’re Invited!!

Leverage is partnering with the band withLove and will be hosting a CauseArt event at The Love Sessions TOMORROW, November 23rd! There will be live worship and fellowship for FREE!! This will be an exciting time to create, worship how you want to, and be yourself! Feel free to bring your friends! Anyone and everyone is welcomed!

Hosted by Comedian Kasaun Wilson!
**Featuring Music Artist AnnAvery, Speaker Byung Ham, Painting Artist Allison Bowen, DJ Craig, Causegear Apparel, Worship Band withLove, and many more!**

You will also have the chance to purchase your own Causegear product for $30 and customize it with canvas paints. With your purchase, you support the Causegear mission to restore lives in India through love and life-changing jobs. This is an opportunity for you to creatively pursue social justice through supporting a human justice fashion brand called Causegear. Causegear designs various canvas and leather products that are made by crafters in India that were once victims of injustice. Every Causegear crafter earns a dignified wage, allowing them to provide food, water, clothing, shelter, and medical for themselves and those they love. Each Causegear product has the name and face of the person who made it on the inside.
For More about the Band Click Here!: WITHLOVE MUSIC: HELLO WORLD

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