Meet the Leadership Team

David Warren - Leader

Bianca Graves - Social Media Outreach Leader 

Tell us about your passions: My passion is deeply rooted in encouraging young people to find and live out their God-given purpose unapolegetically. I believe so many individuals are lost because they are disconnected from the One that created them with divine purpose and intention in mind.  I know from experience how difficult and confusing this quest for divine purpose can be so I just love to be the light that helps to lead others to that truth. Staying connected to like-mind believers has been key in my own quest for purpose, thus my desire to be plugged in to the ministry of Social Media Outreach. I will forever be a work in progress but I definitely have learned a thing or ten that will bless others while persevering along their own quest.

Andrea Soppi - Creative Fellowship Leader

Tell us about your passions: One thing I have come to realize is that: As individuals,we all have the need to love and be loved. We could be looking for love through the eyes of a father, a mother or even a spouse. However, if not received, this love, or lack thereof could become the origin of lack of self- esteem, lack of self-worth or even the inability to believe that we deserve good things. My passion therefore, is to reach out to broken people like me and you; to let them know that there is a greater love than that!! I want to encourage them to believe that JESUS is The LOVE we all long for. And that, it is only through that knowledge that we will be able to walk this life with assurance and boldness. Moreover, I want people to understand hat God's love is more than just an abstract idea. But that it is also a substance that can be felt and experienced if we would completely open ourselves to Him. Lastly, I want to let people know that, His love is able to restore and transform us just like the promise in Jeremiah 31: 3-4. Telling about His Love is my passion!

Lisa Brown- Gospel Communities/Spiritual Mentorship Leader

Tell us about your passions: I'm passionate about being a life long learner and growing with others to become more like Christ. I want to encourage people all around me wherever they are in the process of discovering, embracing and/or pursuing their God -given purpose.  My life's work is about helping others to heal from hurts and experiencing healthy relationships. I am passionate about God's beauty that is manifested in countless ways.

Leverage is looking for leaders and more people to join together and form a united BCC young adult community!!

Please e-mail if you are interested in joining the leadership team or participating in any of the following core areas:


Leadership will not require any more time/ commitment then you are willing to give, especially with a team, so please know that you are more than equipped through Christ! Whether you are a young adult or know and love young adult, we’d love to have you serve with and help us in growing this ministry!!